Southern Growth Studio puts it multidisciplinary team at your service, whether you need innovative solutions for a specific business problem, a growth plan for your organization, marketing strategy and implementation, or workshops to develop your ‘team’s skills in the fields of innovation and strategy.


Southern Growth Studio delivers actionable insights to organizations looking for a fresh perspective. Our research and ethnography teams craft engagement-specific guides that provide meaningful answers to today’s ever-evolving business challenges and consumer needs.

  • Primary qualitative research
  • Moderation and facilitation of focus groups
  • CoCreation session facilitation
  • Segment-specific interview guide creation


Innovation projects

Southern Growth Studio solves problems. We use innovation and Design thinking methods to help organizations recast problems, and ultimately, find solutions, in radical news ways. We can help your organization tackle short-term product or service development projects and workshops, or consult on long-term engagements to set up the processes, framework, and governance for successful innovation.

Embedding innovation

Southern Growth Studio helps organizations realize the value of innovation, and socialize its mechanisms through long-term embedment projects. The aim of this type of project is to train innovation leaders within your company, and hand you the tools to redefine your consistently redefine and surmount your business challenges.

  • Moderation and facilitation of focus groups
  • Innovation and co-creation workshops
  • Trendcasting and insights
  • Innovation bootcamps


Strategy projects

Southern Growth Studio takes a multi-disciplinary approach to solving your organization’s strategic growth challenges. We use human-centered design to understand your audience, and to identify the golden thread of your business – what is fundamentally true to you, and what strategies are most true to your brand. We then apply thorough quantitative analytical research methods to understand the challenges your organization faces today, and will need to overcome tomorrow to provide you with a unique perspective and disruptive recommendations for growth.

  • Industry and competitive analysis
  • Market sizing and validation
  • Brand strategy and marketing positioning
  • Sales and channel strategy
  • Growth opportunity prioritization
  • Go to market strategy
  • Change management

Execution of strategic recommendations  

Southern Growth Studio leads implementation efforts on both strategic and innovation engagements, serving as outsourced executives for organizations needing help with marketing implementation and back end of innovation training. Outsourced execution services are specific to each organization.

  • Content development and deployment
  • Product development
  • Process development and optimization
  • Branding and rebranding
  • Subcontractor management
  • Training