Synthetic Thinking

A Memphis Manifesto


Drowning in Big Data

Corporate Shamanism

Innovation ROI


The Happy Virus

Play to Win

Parts or Whole?

Why Limit Yourself?

Feed Yourself First

What I Tell My Team

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Healthy Visionaries

Give us Your Lions!

When we are assigned fretful, career-minded people to project teams we know that we must...

Back to Basics: Elements in the Product Story

Many companies and people confuse what they mean when discussing Value Propositions,...

Role of Corporations Today

In March, we reached the point of no return, the point where most credible international...

Keurig’s Journey into Connected Appliances

A brief history: Keuring was founded in 1990 by three MIT professors who thought there was...

Five Keys to Successful Collaboration

“The key to successful commercialization is successful collaboration,” he claims....

A Systems Approach to Creating an Innovation Funding Board

“Engineers don’t know how to size a market opportunity, that’s weird juju to them,...